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November 2017

River City are in the middle of a week of prayer, we are dedicating more time to seeking God and asking Him to change our city and bring close those far from Him. I read this brilliant quote from a book called "Rain from Heaven" by Arthur Wallis and wanted to share it hear to keep encouraging us as we seek after God: "The modern evangelist is faced with two major problems. The first is how to draw people from their homes, their firesides, their

Have you ever experienced the unique pain of unrequited love? Was there ever a point in a relationship where it became clear you were far more invested than the other party? You want to chat more than they do; try to initiate interactions and meet ups far more often, or with more enthusiasm, than they seem to. You are quicker to forgive, laugh at their jokes or give away compliments than them. If this sounds familiar, chances are, the relationship is a little unrequited. There