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For some time I've been acutely aware that I am imperfect! (I'm sure some of you are celebrating that I've finally seen the light!! hehe) And in many ways this revelation is something to celebrate - knowing you are not perfect and accepting that is fundamental to maturity. Certainly for Christians. Becoming a Christian in the first place is the realisation that the way I am living my life away from the God who lovingly created me isn't good and needs to change. It involves admitting

Have you ever experienced the unique pain of unrequited love? Was there ever a point in a relationship where it became clear you were far more invested than the other party? You want to chat more than they do; try to initiate interactions and meet ups far more often, or with more enthusiasm, than they seem to. You are quicker to forgive, laugh at their jokes or give away compliments than them. If this sounds familiar, chances are, the relationship is a little unrequited. There

Hi all - I haven't written a lot here recently. We've had our head's down getting the church off the ground. I've got a number of exciting posts lined up of brilliant stories that are unfolding as we step out in faith; some guest posts by amazing friends of ours including church planters in the Middle East; as well as fun thoughts and reflections about faith as we are on the journey of church planting. Before I post those however I thought I'd do a