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Author: Abigail Flavell

There is nothing that thrills a church planters heart more than seeing the people who agreed to come with you on this crazy adventure, thriving on mission. A few weeks ago our friend Kathy came to us and asked if she could borrow the church flasks we used to make hot drinks as she was planning a community picnic on the green in front of her home. We jumped at the chance to resource her in every way we could think of and a few

For some time I've been acutely aware that I am imperfect! (I'm sure some of you are celebrating that I've finally seen the light!! hehe) And in many ways this revelation is something to celebrate - knowing you are not perfect and accepting that is fundamental to maturity. Certainly for Christians. Becoming a Christian in the first place is the realisation that the way I am living my life away from the God who lovingly created me isn't good and needs to change. It involves admitting

Church planting - like so much of life in general - experiences its highs and lows. The seasons of exciting change and the seasons of delay, pain and anguish. Although I've heard it said many times by Christians and the bible itself, I'm learning on a deeper personal level, that hanging on to God's promises is so important when the going gets tough. The definition of a promise = a declaration or assurance that one will do something or that a particular thing will happen. A

River City are in the middle of a week of prayer, we are dedicating more time to seeking God and asking Him to change our city and bring close those far from Him. I read this brilliant quote from a book called "Rain from Heaven" by Arthur Wallis and wanted to share it hear to keep encouraging us as we seek after God: "The modern evangelist is faced with two major problems. The first is how to draw people from their homes, their firesides, their

Have you ever experienced the unique pain of unrequited love? Was there ever a point in a relationship where it became clear you were far more invested than the other party? You want to chat more than they do; try to initiate interactions and meet ups far more often, or with more enthusiasm, than they seem to. You are quicker to forgive, laugh at their jokes or give away compliments than them. If this sounds familiar, chances are, the relationship is a little unrequited. There

So the title of this post, if you haven't already guessed, is a little tongue-in-cheek! A while a go John and I became the proud owners of what we now lovingly refer to as our 'Spoon of Destiny'. The spoon isn't special in itself, it's just a whittled wooden spoon. We don't believe it has any mystical powers or anything daft like that! Yet, the story of how we came to have it and what it represents is rather special. I have come to

When I was first exploring faith I began to read the bible I used to find the sections in the New Testament a bit bizarre. They talk about people having God ‘show’ them things like visions whilst they were either asleep or awake. (Read the book of Acts). Coming to know Jesus for myself and asking Him to help me understand His ways, thoughts and answer my questions, I have begun to understand a bit more about how he communicates. It’s actually not as

I just returned recently from a middle eastern country (sorry to make that sound so frightfully glamorous and mysterious - I can't tell you which one as it's not totally safe for the people there) after visiting church planting friends. My friends and I met on theology training as our (John and I) journey to church planting was unfolding at the same time as theirs. They have two young sons, as do we. We loved and invested in each other as we began plans to

I have a lovely friend that I miss greatly. The reason I miss her is because recently her and her family moved out to the Middle East to start a Christian church. She is one brave lady. Sadly I cannot give away who she is or where they have planted a church because this could out her and her family at risk. In some ways I'm sure this is how she would prefer it as all the glory and honor goes to Jesus who

Hi all - I haven't written a lot here recently. We've had our head's down getting the church off the ground. I've got a number of exciting posts lined up of brilliant stories that are unfolding as we step out in faith; some guest posts by amazing friends of ours including church planters in the Middle East; as well as fun thoughts and reflections about faith as we are on the journey of church planting. Before I post those however I thought I'd do a

The season we currently find ourselves in is an odd one. It's neither here nor there. We had left our former church to start a new one, except we had then deliberately chosen not to launch publicly until early 2017, instead taking our team through a 'soft launch’ period. This was with the aim of giving ourselves space and time to work out what River City would look like to those who will come to visit, and hopefully join us in the future. At

As a church Jubilee felt they had heard God say EAST EAST EAST (Part 1), meaning we should start a church in the East of Hull. Then John and I had felt God speak to us as a couple and say EAST EAST EAST (PART 2) to us, confirm we were to lead the church plant and take a team with us from Jubilee to do it. We now knew beyond all doubt that God had a plan for us and that it was separate

It had become fairly apparent that God was leading Jubilee to start a new church in the East of Hull, the question now was who was going to lead it? Who did God want to work through to bring it to life? Who would we send out as part of the team in order to see God's desires for East Hull come about? Jubilee called another prayer meeting and began to ask people to consider if they felt it should be them that God

I've been meaning, for a while, to try to record our journey of planting River City Church. There are a number of reasons for this 1) so that we don't forget what an incredible journey we're on; 2) to remind ourselves it is Jesus' idea and not our own; 3) to list some of the ways that God speaks to and guides His people, and lastly 4) to encourage others to be bold in asking God what plans He has for you. Hope you enjoy reading!   Around two years

Below is a link of John and I speaking together back in January on how and why God had spoken to us about starting River City Church. Give it a listen if you; 1) are curious about how God speaks to people, 2) want to understand what Christians think about Jesus and church 3) want to know what the new church might be like and what we value, 4) are part of the team coming with us and need a reminder of what an