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A blog for those trusting that Jesus’ agenda for our lives, is greater than any we could imagine for ourselves.

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For a long time I've been personally praying and asking God to send revival to our city and nation. I've been asking Jesus about it for 5-6 years, watching and waiting to see if others were also feeling stirred. Recently I've noticed others beginning to share an excitement about God readying a move of the spirit. I've now felt Jesus give me permission to begin to write to others to cast vision for what is coming and how we can be getting ready. What

River City are in the middle of a week of prayer, we are dedicating more time to seeking God and asking Him to change our city and bring close those far from Him. I read this brilliant quote from a book called "Rain from Heaven" by Arthur Wallis and wanted to share it hear to keep encouraging us as we seek after God: "The modern evangelist is faced with two major problems. The first is how to draw people from their homes, their firesides, their