My Quietly Radical Yes

For a while now I’ve been thinking about personal ‘revival’ – a reviving of personal intimacy with Jesus. I’ve written here before about how much I long to see God’s power break out amongst the neighbourhoods and church family where I spend most of my time. I know I cannot manufacture anything or make God do what I want, when I want. That’s foolish arrogant thinking.
But. I can manage myself. What if the spark that starts revival in my neigbourhood starts from some small shift inside me? What if an adjustment to an action or an attitude could begin something? What could Jesus do with me or through me because I’ve made a bit more room, or been resolved to surrender my agenda in a few small ways. How much more of me could I give Him? These are questions I have been pondering and I know many Christians think this way. Or some do anyway.
What if the spark that starts revival in my neigbourhood starts from some small shift inside me?
This past 18 months have been hard on everyone. A global pandemic has placed our mental and physical health in the balance and many of us are struggling to keep our heads above water. Fear and stress can creep in. Even sub-consciously. I’ve recently broken two teeth due to clenching my jaw in my sleep. As hard as I might be trying to manage my fear and stress levels when I’m awake I am clearly processing levels of unconscious thought that are taking their toll on my body. I am in a weaker state of being that I have been during most of my adult life. And I see this across the board in lot of people right now. There’s a palpable fragility in the church and our community in this season that will be around for some time. Over the next few weeks I will be posting about a the steps we can take even when we feel fragile and hard pressed on everyside. There is so much we cannot control in this season, but there ARE a number of things we can contril. Let us be those who decide that no matter what life is throwing at us we are going to dig in and do everything in our power as well as praying for all that is within Gods power to bring about change in our communities, families and personal lives. I hope you’ll join me in the coming weeks.

Abi held a funeral for her design career after birthing two churches and three children. She now helps lead a local church alongside her husband John and a team of great people, as well as working for her larger network of churches as their Communications Manager. Life is full but fun.

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