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    Hi – We are John and Abi Flavell. We have three children Noah and Judah and Phoebe.

    A few years ago we moved into the East of Hull to start a new church, River City Church.
    It has been a brilliant journey as God spoke to us so clearly about coming to a community of some 90,000 people with very few churches, and then gathered around us an incredible team of people who came with us.
    The start up years have been full of life-shaping challenges, trials, successes and miracles. We set up this blog to record all the incredible things God does along the way but also to write about the hard bits that challenge us and what we are learning because of them. We’d love you to subscribe so you can stay updated (think of this as our online newsletter). Just pop your address in the subscribe box in the sidebar menu.
    We realise a number of our non-christian friends and local community read this blog and so we work hard to explain things well so that those looking into the Christian faith can understand what we mean. If you are one of those wondering who Jesus is visit alpha.org/watch for more.
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