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It’s been a while – Update on all things River City and SMA

Hi all – I haven’t written a lot here recently. We’ve had our head’s down getting the church off the ground.

I’ve got a number of exciting posts lined up of brilliant stories that are unfolding as we step out in faith; some guest posts by amazing friends of ours including church planters in the Middle East; as well as fun thoughts and reflections about faith as we are on the journey of church planting. Before I post those however I thought I’d do a quick update for those of you that are praying for us and want to keep up with Flavell family and River City news. Here’s what we’ve been up to in the last few months:

Launching the church!

River City Church is now up and running! We now have a website and have flyered the local area to invite everyone to join us.

The end of January brought with it our official launch service with lots of guests visiting. It was a great Sunday and we have had a few repeat visitors since then which is so exciting. A number of local born and bred Hull folk shared their stories of what a difference Jesus is making in their lives. We also had a yummy lunch afterwards! You can now listen to all our teaching online, including the audio from the launch service itself.


START course started!

We’ve been trying out some new course material. START is an alternative to the Alpha course. Over 6 weeks it focuses on whether God is real and if so, what is He/it like? We held our course at a new Ice Cream parlor that opened up in the neighbourhood. The venue and staff we’re amazing – we will be back there again I’m sure! If you would like to find out more about coming on a course like this or more about Christianity visit the River City Church website.

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Surrender My Agenda wins an award!

Amazingly this blog won Premier Christianity’s Premier  Digital Award for Blogger of the Year 2016. You can see the awards ceremony and my awkward acceptance speech here! The judges apparently loved the way we have been telling everyday stories of amazing things that happen when we step out for our faith. Suffice to say it was very flattering and encouraging to know people love reading about what God is doing as much as we love being a part of it. You can read more about the award in an interview here.

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Abi held a funeral for her design career after birthing two churches and two children. In the midst of pioneering 101 things to do with Lego and recycled packing boxes she works part time for a photographer and searches her house for something else to paint.

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